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I shall take that into consideration.
I completely understand. Cheeky Face
Yeah, his name is not right. Well it is on the right, but not right, as it is on the right.
Nice rating on Rook's post, Rucifa Shocked Face Laughing Face
Yes, B1 pointed out it is right aligned and not left. I never noticed cause of the similar username length lol. Confused Face
Looks aligned to me. Smiley Face Unless you've already fixed it..
is it just aligned to the right? B1 is a little more right that you Extra Smiley Face
Sigh.. another thing to add to my to fix list Sad Face Your name isn't aligned for some odd reason.
Extra Smiley Face
Hello Rucifa, good to see you finally made it! Extra Smiley Face
Cheeky Face
Smiley Face
Hello Extra Smiley Face