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Sigh.. another thing to add to my to fix list Sad Face Your name isn't aligned for some odd reason.
is it just aligned to the right? B1 is a little more right that you Extra Smiley Face
Looks aligned to me. Smiley Face Unless you've already fixed it..
Yes, B1 pointed out it is right aligned and not left. I never noticed cause of the similar username length lol. Confused Face
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Yeah, his name is not right. Well it is on the right, but not right, as it is on the right.
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I shall take that into consideration.
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Just a little something for content and to keep experimenting with different styles and edits. Nothing spesh but enjoy. Smiley Face

Quick video I did this evening, just something simple. I don't have a lot of good plane clips so it's not the best footage. Sad Face

That face when you drop a Santa Hat worth 165m gp back in 2015 and it is now worth 1.9b gp. Sad Face Broken Love Heart

I reckon I've done 15-20 half-completed montages in my time, but I've finally actually completed one! Took a slightly different approach with the editing and actually quite happy with the result.
Lol @ my forum avatar!

Just adding some content! Extra Smiley Face

Check it out. Extra Smiley Face
How do we embed videos here?

EDIT by Benjamin:
For future reference you can use this code: [video=youtube] YOUTUBE LINK [/video]

05/04/2020: I've now fixed the MyCode bar so all you need to do is look for the "Roll of Film" icon and select YouTube and insert the link.